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Education Self-Promotion Services

This area is planned to be running by the Spring of 2019. Please check back when we can explain more details about this area of interest.

Education Self-Promotion Services

Most positions applications are requested online. EZ Partners helps make this self-promotion easy by helping educators make selections by state, city/town indicating how many miles around the area you are wanting for selecting links in order to order to apply to districts/school corporations or colleges. Locating a new school location to teach and be a part of their program can be done when graduating from college or when wanting to locate a new school location to teach.

Locating areas 

Select a location and you can specify how many miles around that area you would like to view school districts/corporations or colleges.

Self-Promotion Possibilities

Should an educator wish to link their application to web pages or video of their special programs or teaching techniques, they can use EZ Partners support for self-promotion listed.

Web Page Creation – personally designing overview web pages:
  • Intro-profile summary page
  • Special information about their education background
  • Photo gallery
  • Performance summary page
  • Recommendation letters
  • News clippings
Videos - 10 minute video of their special programs or teaching techniques clips:
  • Typically created by the educator or can be produced by EZ Partners (additional fee will apply)
Mailings or Emailings:
  • User created personal letters with printable vita and pre-addressed envelopes
  • Log for each mailing or emailing
Documenting & Tracking Contacts
  • Summarize all applications made, and mailings and emails should you use this feature
    • View letter sent by date and content
    • List of locations that received letters or applications
    • Summary of how many people go to your site if you use our web area.
  • See a school summary
    • Applications, Letters or emails sent by the educator
    • Log mail and email received from contacted schools or school districts/corporations
    • Log of phone in-coming and out-going calls
    • Log of visits to contacted schools or school districts/corporations
  • Mobile and Notepad access to EZ Partners

Directory of School District/Corporation and College Human Resources from which to select

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