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The use of the EZ Partners online platform is elective and does not guarantee that the student will be successful in obtaining a scholarship or financial assistance through the use of its services.

The services we offer are active services, designed to produce results when applied.  You will need to put forth time and money to obtain results, and those results may not come immediately. 

Referral Partners

For those that register for referral payment of the 10% donation all payment information is secured.  The referral school, organization or individual (Referral Partner) must be registered prior to the student’s payment to able to be selected.

When a student registers they have up to 60 days prior to paying so they can privately work on having their site ready to publish. Should their high school not already be registered with EZ Partners, EZ Partners will use the high school information to send an e-mail to the Athletic Director to allow them to register.  The Referral Partner must be registered prior to the student’s payment so they be selected for the 10% donation.

Student payments to a referral account can be viewed by the student name should the individual want their name shown, otherwise it will be made noting ‘anonymous’. 


Any refund requests must be made within three days of payment by sending written notice via dated certified mail to the EZ Partners address.  Continuing indicates that you understand the nature of this agreement and that you are willing to put forth the necessary effort.  We look forward to your success. EZ Partners will give no refunds for failure to use the requested and provided services.

You may request your site be removed from being published, but no refund will be made for your year commitment.

EZ Partners is partnering with you with using our services and listening to your suggestions. 
We wish you success in your endeavor to find a school that can use your talents.

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