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Other Recommendations to Consider - Athletics

Even though you have followed all the information we have laid out to this point, it may not be sufficient.  We recommend we also consider doing the following to enhance your endeavor.

Introducing you to colleges by:

There is, no geographical limitation for anyone wanting to take advantage of the services provided by EZ Partners.

After mailing

Should a school be interested, they will send you a letter or e-mail to have you register your interests on their school’s athletic web site. They may send you a questionnaire to complete. Your personal letter is bringing your name and talents to their attention. If they are interested, once registered they may follow you on your web.

Examples of contacts types you can record to help you document and track what access you have with a specific college -

• email
• phone call contact
• questionnaire received
• questionnaire sent back
• received request for more information
• sent more information (not listed already in a group mailing)
• saw coach at event or game
• additional video requested
• additional video sent
• offered school visit
• took school visit
• sent thank you
• the college made an offer for you to play there
• you accepted to play at this college
• other

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