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Judy Shimanek, 2004 Graduate Parent

I never realized how much work the recruiting process is! The video creation, the web page creation, the multiple mailings, the collection of stats, the gathering of reference letters, the athlete's notification to the school and coaches telling them the athlete is interested in playing college athletics. How time consuming the entire process is! The automation of the mailings is a real time-saver. It provides the exposure that you need to college coaches.

I'm currently in the middle of this process which I started this year. I didn't realize I should have started it sooner. But I have already gotten many responses from college coaches and requests for videos. Several hundred schools have viewed the web pages. I feel the cost of this process is justified by the exposure to college coaches. I realize there is no guarantees. My intent was exposure with the possibility of college recruitment and hopefully offsetting college costs.

Janice Simkus, 2004 Graduate Parent

After talking with coaches and finding out that my son might be talented enough to play sports in college, I didn't know what my next step should be. Not realizing I should start letting coaches know about my son earlier, I started sending mailings to coaches the summer before Senior year.

I met Kathy from EZ Partners during basketball season, Gary's Junior year. We discussed the recruiting process and what it takes to inform colleges of a potential player. So I decided to do it myself. It was very time consuming just getting the information I needed! With the help of my son, we looked up names and addresses, created letters, and hand-addressed the envelopes - taking us over two weeks, many hours nightly. I realized that Kathy could help me with mailings. So after learning the hard way, I contacted EZPartners for some help.

The website is an added bonus. It's a place coaches can refer, keeping track of an athlete's progress. EZ Partners has made getting information to coaches and colleges much easier, quicker and more complete!

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